Paul Sanders

Paul Sanders

Hi, I'm Paul

I have over 20 years experience as a software engineer and data manager. In my free time I like working on Open Source software.

I work as a consultant at PBS Data Solutions. Some of the services I provide are:

  • Software Develpment - primarily with Python and Rust
  • Data Management - specalizing in Animal Health Pharmaceuticals and Biologics

PBS Data Solutions Open Source:

PBS Data Solutions provides many of our applications and libraries under Open Source licenses. These can be found on the company GitHub page.

Some Open Source projects of mine are:

  • Python Project Generator - A CLI written in Rust to start new Python projects. It generates the boiler plate code needed when starting a new project. It automatically updates packages to their latest versions when creating the project, and has options to create pure Python projects, or Python project with Rust modules using PyO3.
  • Meilisearch Python SDK - This package is an Python SDK for the Meilisearch search engine that contains both an async client and a sync client. In additon to creating this SDK, I am also a maintainer on the official Meilisearch Python SDK, and contribute to multiple other Meilisearch repositories.
  • Camel Converter - In JSON keys are normally in camelCase format, while variable names in Python normally use snake_case. This package automatically converts between the two formats. In addition the package provides a Pydantic base model that, when inherited, allows Pydantic models to be created with the preferred Python style snake case variable names and will automatically convert from/to camel case when deserializing/serializing the data.
  • Pytest Meilisearch - This is a package that provides a lot of the pytest boiler plate code and fixtures needed for testing Python projects that interact with Meilisearch.
  • Weather Command - I am interested in weather, spend a lot of time in the command line, and was looking for a reason to try out the Rich library. With that in mind I created this weather CLI.
  • sas7bdat Converter - This Python package converts proprietary sas7bdat and/or xport files from SAS into formats such as csv, json, and Excel useable by other programs. These conversion can be done on individual files, or on batches of files. Credit goes to Pandas for performing the conversion of the sas7bdat and xport into DataFrames.

If you find any of my Open Source work helpful and want to support that work you can sponsor me on either GithHub or Buy Me A Coffee.